Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I have so many New Year's Resolutions this year, but this one will be simple to keep. I am eating nothing but food from the Dollar Store in 2011. As it is, I go to the Dollar Store -- well, actually the 99 Cent Only Store mostly -- once a week, and that fills up my cupboard and fridge nicely. I'm also able to buy all my household goods there, so the only other shopping I do is for beer, and/or liquor.

I will keep my food , drink (including beer) and household items budget to $200 a month, $50 a week, or roughly $7 a day. If I curbed my alcoholic consumption I could easily keep it at $5 a day, but I do like my beer, and I hear moderate drinking is actually good for you . . . well, it is good for me, anyways.

I've already cut out fast food, and I rarely if ever eat at restaurants (if I do, it is comped with points or freebies from the casinos in Vegas),so this resolution really should be a cinch.

Another goal is to make my Dollar Store Diet healthy, and actually lose some weight. Again, I've had a lot of practice in this area (losing and GAINING weight), so if I stick to my guns and add a light exercise routine (walking stairs), I should be able to shed a few pounds.

So let's see -- I will be saving money, eating great, and losing weight!

I'm single, but many of my eating suggestions and recipes will easily (and in most cases most readily) feed a couple or family, so the more that consume, the more you can stretch your budget.

I hope you will join me, and I hope that I can keep another resolution, which will be blogging every day.

I'm afraid the recession is not leaving us any time soon, so here's to affordable, healthy living in the New Year! Cheers!

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