Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chinese Chicken Salad -- Too Pretty to Eat!!! Almost . . .

My love of Asian food is pretty evident, and luckily I find everything I need to make many lovely dishes at the Dollar Store.

Now granted, Chinese Chicken Salad is probably an American concoction, but I do enjoy a good one, and when I found this Organic Mandarin Sesame dressing from Maple Grove of Vermont, I knew it was in my near future. The dressing has 0 grams of fat, so I am very happy indeed.

It did take me a little while to collect all the ingredients, but it was definitely worth the wait and effort.

Here is the shopping list:

Asian dressing (you can make one with soy sauce and vinegar and oil, or you might get lucky and find a great one like I did)
cabbage (I used purple and green)
mandarin oranges
green onions
crispy things (Chow mein or rice noodles)

I had a wonderful time assembling my salad, and for extra eye appeal I garnished it with a pansy in complementary colors.

Feel free to experiment and adapt the ingredients to your liking, but remember to make it pretty!

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