Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beer Braised Cabbage and Potatoes

Okay, I admit, I didn't really know what braising was until I did it (sort of), and the word popped into my mind, and it sounded good, and I researched it.

Braising is a form of cooking using dry and wet heat. The classic example would be pot roast, a way to tenderize a tough piece of meat.

I'm not sure this recipe for Beer Braised Cabbage and Potatoes technically qualifies, but I'll let you be the judge, it is so delicious you won't even miss the meat, at least I didn't.

I started by microwaving in water some chopped potatoes (skin on, large pieces), until they were beginning to get tender -- about 6 minutes. While the microwave was doing its thing, I heated a pan full of butter, onions and a little garlic (and some balsamic vinegar 'cuz I just love that stuff), which always smells wonderful. Then I added beer (how much is completely up to you, but about 4 ounces to begin with), and some green cabbage with a little red for eye appeal. I added the potatoes and kept simmering, and adding beer as necessary as it cooked down. Salt and pepper to taste, and when the potatoes are still a little firm, you are ready to serve.

You can also cook the potatoes in the oven first if you like, or even make this whole dish in the oven . . . braising seems to be whatever you want it to be, and after a few beers on St. Patty's day, who is going to argue?

I served this with the beer bread I made, and it is really good -- definitely a keeper.

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