Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pea and Pepperoni Salad

I had some peas left over from the Tuna Casserole I made earlier in the week, and I remembered a great recipe for pea and bacon salad . . . only I don't have any bacon, so I'm going to use another cured meat I do have on hand -- pepperoni. This is a very simple and flavorful recipe, another go to side that you can't really screw up.

The ingredients are --

Bacon, or Pepperoni, or Ham, or whatever you've got
Ranch Dressing
Cheese (small cubed or shredded cheddar is good)
Celery (if you have it, I don't)

I microwaved the Pepperoni slices (about 30 seconds -- it doesn't take long) until they were crispy like bacon, then mixed the ingredients together and chilled. I don't even like peas, but I like pea salad!

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