Monday, May 2, 2011

Newton Fruit Crisps - Mixed Berry

Over on Amazon,com they are raving about this snack from the folks that bring you Fig Newtons (Nabisco!). You can buy a 6 pack of 8 pouches (actually 16 because there are 2 bars per pouch) for around $34 bucks, but I prefer the Dollar Store way!

That's right, I got a 6 pack for $1 dollar -- you do the math. Amazon = $4.80, the 99 Cent Only Store = $1.00.

Here's the best part -- they are just as delicious know matter what you pay, but your wallet will like it a lot better if you save the dough.

These are getting good reviews, being likened to a sophisticated Pop-Tart, and I do enjoy them, if they are a little slim. Be prepared to want to chow through two pouches (4 bars) of these snacks.

The 99 Cent Only Store had the Mixed Berry flavor, so I can't vouch for the Apple Cinnamon, but all and all a good edition to my midmorning routine. I generally don't eat breakfast, but around 10:30 a.m. I'm hungry enough to grab some yogurt and a granola bar -- a sort of continental breakfast if you will . . . and everytime I say or write the word "continental" I think of this guy:

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