Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Confessions of a Dollar Store Addict

I guess it is time to come clean -- saving money isn't the only reason I only shop at the Dollar Store. I love the look, and smell, and feel of the place . . . I love the thrill of the hunt. I love the excitement when I find an incredible item, and it costs . . . a dollar!

You see, before Dollar Stores became so popular, I was addicted to thrift stores. I've also been addicted to auctions, estate sales, and well, I've never been much into yard sales, but that is because there is too much planning involved to find them, and you have to get up so darn early to beat out the competition.

I love the element of surprise! I pretty much know what I am going to find at the grocery store, but a trip to the Dollar Store is always a new and entertaining experience.

I used to call the Dollar Store 'the Twenty Dollar Store', because invariably I wouldn't leave without spending at least that. I have altered my spending habits in this new, rotten economy, but I do find enough lee way to cram at least one of two frivilous items into my Dollar Store bag. . . maybe it is a sparkly hair accessory, or a pair of seasonal socks -- I'll explore those joys on my "Dollar Store Diva" blog -- but it is always a little something special just for me.

So that is my confession. . . but who could resist such a pretty savings place that co-ordinates with the color of the sunset? Not me, not ever.

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