Saturday, January 22, 2011

Salsa, Cilantro Sauce, and Soup - Some Like it Hot

I do like to make a couple of things at once if I am using similar ingredients. I bought a huge can of chopped jalapenos and diced tomatoes, and I had onions and cilantro, so I decided to make salsa. You can't really screw up salsa, unless maybe you go to heavy on the jalapenos . . . but then, some like it hot.

I also made some cilantro sauce, which is basically garlic, cilantro, green sauce, some lemon juice and sour cream.

I still had some remnants of the Thanksgiving turkey in the freezer, so I defrosted that and made a soup with chicken stock, beer, the salsa ingredients chopped, then added some baked beans. This is similar to the Drunken Bean with Bacon soup I made. The combination of chicken stock, beer, beans, veggies, and meat is hard to beat.

Now I'm set for a few days. The soup will be delicous with corn bread, or Dolly Parton biscuits, and I'll eat the salsa and cilantro sauce with chips.

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