Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I think I died and went to heaven . . . a dollar store that sells BEER!!!

I drove by a new Dollar Store the other day (we have LOTS of Dollar Stores here in Las Vegas), and made a note to check it out this week. I didn't recognize the name -- Big Dollar Stores -- as being a part of a chain, but for all I knew it was . . . the Dollar Store business definitely seems to be healthy, with new ones getting into the mix all the time.

So, I mosied on in today, recognizing the space as a former Long's drugstore. I honestly didn't expect much . . . everything was $1.00, unless marked otherwise (disclaimer alert!). Now some might argue, that this is not a true dollar store, if some items are more than a $1.00, but I don't mind the variety. I'm pretty Dollar Store savvy, and will not buy something marked $1.29 if I know I can get it for a buck down the street.

The first thing I noticed was the excellent selection of party goods (as advertised on the side of the building), and a whole rack of novelty stuff like whoopie cushions, squirting gum, fake puke and dog doo . . . I had just picked up a "Who Farted?" calendar with 13 different flatulent sound effects at the 99 Cent Only Store last weekend, so I resisted the urge to load up on these charming items.

I moved carefully through the aisles, and was distracted by the lovely selection of sparkly hair clips, but I was completely unprepared for what hit me when I turned the corner.

I saw a cooler that said "Cold Beer", and thought -- well, they are just re-using a fridge for other products, surely there can't really be beer in there. I saw some energy drinks, and some sodas, and then I saw the most beautiful sight -- not only beer, but my BRAND of beer -- BUDWEISER!!!

I'm pretty proud to say that I controlled my joy, and suppressed a squeal of delight, and went over to investigate. Sure enough, single cans of 12 oz. Budweiser and Bud Light were for sale for $1.00 -- that's okay, no bargain, but the 24 oz. cans for $1.69 really made me take notice, and start calculating.

When I started this project on New Year's the goal was to only eat food from the Dollar Store, with the caveat that I would have to buy my beer elsewhere. I set my budget at $200 a month, or $50 a week for my food, drink (beer included), toiletries, and household supplies. So basically, I would only shop at Dollar Stores and where ever I could get the cheapest beer.

Now, I am thrilled to announce that yes, I can survive quite nicely on Dollar Stores alone. No grocery stores, no Target, no K-Mart, no Walmart, no Costco, no 7-11, no quickie mart, no nothing -- just Dollar Stores, all day, every day for whatever I may need to purchase.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I kept my composure, and kept shopping. The Big Dollar Store (s) -- I think there is only one so far, and it is on Oakey and South Rainbow -- had a good selection of chips, canned foods, cleansers, cooking utensils, crafts, hardware, etc. for the size of the store, but the highlight was the devotion to the brewer's craft.

Now granted I can still get beer a little cheaper, but that would involve an extra trip, and I would miss out on the thrill of buying alcoholic beverages the same place I buy my whoopie cushions.

So, my prayers have been answered, and I am now complete. I bought some very nice shiny hair doo-dads, some Granny Goose corn chips, a few other items, and three cans of 24 oz. Budweiser.

Can life get any better?

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