Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vodka with Vegetables

"The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one for dessert," is one of my favorite lyrics ever.

There is nothin' like a little hair of the dog, and one of my favorite breakfast cocktails is the classic Bloody Mary.

Okay, unfortunately you can't buy Vodka at the Dollar Store, but let's just pretend for a moment that we live in a perfect world. You can buy lots of vegetables there, and better yet, you can buy V-8, in both the low sodium and spicy hot varieties, which makes an excellent Bloody Mary mix.

I find the regular V-8 way too salty, with way too much sodium, so I've taken to drinking the low sodium stuff with only 200 mg per 12 oz can. I only drink half a can at a sitting, so that is only 100 mg of sodium, and 35 calories. Now the spicy hot variety has the same caloric content, but 690 mg per can, for 345 mg per 6 oz serving. For a Bloody Mary, I mix half and half for a total of 225 mg of sodium per serving, which is way less than your average BM mix.

Now all you need, is some lemon juice, Worcestershire Sauce (the Dollar Store has Louisiana Gem brand), olives, and a celery stalk. I think black pepper and celery salt is usually part of a classic recipe, but honestly you could get by with just the V-8 and Vodka, that alone is quite tasty.

The best part is you are getting a full serving of Vegetables with your Vodka, so now go find your cleanest dirty shirt!

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